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Dear Athletes, here are some facts. At some point, your athletic career is going to end and if you are not prepared: well, the experience will be PAINFUL!

I’m Jabari K. Smith, author, athlete and entrepreneur and this is The Professional Athlete. The content you will experience on this site will be the stories shared from athletes inside and outside the arena of sports. Guests will impart their knowledge and experiences in athletics and business, to share with the world that sports principles are transferable life skills, and explain how they were able to navigate the process of being a successful athlete to simply being successful.

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Life's Playbook by Jabari K. Smith

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Jabari K. Smith with the talented Donovan Carter


Consider this your all access pass to the locker room of life, your own copy of life’s playbook. This is your literal G.P.S. (Game Plan for Success). This is The Professional Athlete.

Jabari K Smith - The Professional Athlete Show

About Us

I found it very difficult to transition once my athletic career was over. Our goal is to help you navigate this complex transition and become successful after the game.

Jabari K. Smith with fans and friends.


Want to learn more about The Professional Athlete? Interested in becoming a guest? We’re always interested in hearing from our listeners and from prospective guests.

We explore powerful topics about successes and failures in sports & business

Joining Jabari each week is an fun mix of people from the worlds of professional and collegiate athletics, hollywood, and business. With his relaxed style, Jabari is able to dig in and find out how his guest achieved success after the game.

Our Latest Podcasts

Professional Athlete: Pasha Cook

A Quick Recap of My Interview with Pasha Cook: Another great time and a great conversation! Pasha and I get into more about transitioning for life after sports and how important it is to be aware of your own bread.You don’t want to miss this interview because Pasha Cook has the blueprint! I don't spend…

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Chris Staples: The Dunk Master

A Quick Recap of My Interview with Chris Staples: Had another amazing interview with the dunk master Chris Staples a.k.a. everybody hates Chris. everybody Hate Chris. Chris and I talked about the importance of branding and creating your own platform as an athlete. Full interview will be released soon on the professional athlete show. You're…

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